Our Process

“Fundamentals are the building blocks of fun”

Structure and systems are always good. So we have a basic work flow we generally follow.
But since every project is unique in its requirements and personality, we often adjust our processes accordingly.


  1. Initial Meeting
    Session to understand the project and to know the factors needed in its completion. This is where we understand your brand, your message, the tone of how these are communicated, etc. We also establish budgets, shoot schedules, and deadlines.
  2. Building the story
    The writing and finalization of outline, script, and/or storyboard. Building the skeleton of the story that will hold everything together.
  3. Selection of Elements
    Approval of the voice, finding music, collating materials to be used, etc.
  4. The Work
    Where the production and post-production magic happens.
  5. Version 1.0 of the story
    Submission of the first version. First round of revisions commences.
  6. Refining the story
    Submission of the second version. Now onto second and refining round of revisions.
  7. Final Output
    With the standard allotment of 2 revisions, we shall submit the third and final version of the project